Trump Twit

Fascinating FaceBook post from France.

Dear Mr Trump,

thank you for your concern.

A man has indeed attacked a soldier with two machetes this morning in Paris.

It wasn’t in the Louvre Museum, it was in the Carrousel du Louvre, which is a mall. (Less symbolic than what you’re implying.)

He didn’t attack any tourist (or french people -apart from the soldier- either, by the way, thank you again for your concern) and he was instantly attacked back by another soldier, and wounded.

The crowd has been kept inside after that by order of the army for security reasons, but not for any kind of hostage situation. (Your tweet is -voluntarily?- ambiguous)

France is not on edge again, at all. I learnt about the attack 10 hours after it happened (even though it was in the media earlier), and I spent 1h30 in another mall in Paris at lunch today without any kind of military reinforcement (I mean, just the usual since Charlie Hebdo or nov 2015 attacks).

Oh and by the way, the man is from Egypt, you know, the country you didn’t ban from entering the US (because of your personnal affairs?)

Again, thank you for your concern, but don’t use France as an excuse for your arseholery. You’re the one encouraging fear with your distortion of truth.


Egie Wild

PS : GET SMART U.S. : Don’t believe anything that he says without checking facts first.


8 responses to “Trump Twit

  1. And the next day, the three storms in a row made the headlines, relegating this attack in the inner pages.

  2. Remember the Bowling Green massacre by two Iraqis, the one the media did not cover, but which caused Obama to halt immigration for Iraqis!!!!1111!!!!!11!!!11!!!1!1!111111!!!!!!!11!!!111!!!1!!1!!!!!1!!

    Are those enough exclamation marks? My capslock is broken and I kinda wanted to make up for it.

    If I am allowed to be selfish for the moment, I am worried what President Divide et Impera has in the works for Europe. I do not think Trump understands or values the concept of “allies”.

    • bluegrue,
      On the contrary, allies have always been valuable to Herr Drumpf–he gathers them close to his bosom and then fleeces them. Witness his alliance with Atlantic City.

  3. It’s Putin, Trump is merely his stooge.

    FWIW, Eli was less than a block away when this happened and there was no panic. The police blocked the street and people stood around and had a smoking break (much more prevalent in France than in the US or Canada). About two hours later they opened up the street to traffic.

  4. There was a time when a national leader would get the facts straight before saying something of import. Now it seems that statesmanship is a quaint relick of a bygone era, and any narcissistic megalomaniac can spout shit and call it strong policy, and (half) the herd will follow.

    Even Kansas is not in Kansas anymore…

  5. It’s a shame that fear-mongering and scapegoating are so effective. It used to be said that truth is the first casualty of war, but I think truth is in big trouble all the time now.

  6. Only marginally off topic, the House Science Committee’s coordinated attack on NOAA (AKA Climategate 2) was launched overnight. See the (expanded!) project page on ReseachGate:

    I tried to get the attention of The donald on Twitter concerning the matter:

    I don’t think he was listening though.