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Climate Change in the News

Some news items worth reading:

Donald Trump denies climate change, the U.S. military disagrees

“The military has seen climate change as a problem since 2003, if not earlier,” says retired Army Gen. Gerry Galloway, now with the Center for Climate and Security… National security threats from climate change are included in eight defense and intelligence documents published before President Obama took office, according to the center… Capt. Dean VanderLey, commanding officer of Naval Facilities Engineering Command for the Mid-Atlantic region, says “The higher the sea level gets, the more we’re going to have to deal with that. I don’t think we fully understand the scope of the problem. And we definitely don’t fully understand the solution” … there’s more.

Arctic Gone Wild

What’s happening in the Arctic is so out of the ordinary, even scientists studying Arctic climate change are shocked.

Pentagon: Arctic melt requires updated US strategy

The Arctic is opening up, and so is the most direct route between the U.S. and Russia. The Pentagon has very serious security concerns.


Climate Denial about Sea Ice

When it comes to Arctic sea ice, climate deniers have a hard time explaining why it has declined so far so fast. It’s one of the most telling signs of global warming, a stark message from Earth to deniers: it’s getting hot in here.

Climate deniers hate that. Since honesty and accuracy aren’t relevant to them, and doubt is their product, lately they’ve concentrated on a new tactic: use the wrong data.

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