It’s easy to become despondent when Donald Trump fills the U.S. government with the worst possible choices, not just for climate change but for all Americans.

But today I got a dose of hope, from a source I least expected: Teen Vogue.

Read this.

Read this.

Watch this:


4 responses to “Hope

  1. Begs the question… what were you doing reading Teen Vogue???

    [Response: I don’t. Somebody notified me they had an excellent climate-related article online, so I checked it out. It’s not their only one.]

  2. Constant Gardener

    I feel for these kids who did nothing to foment the rise of kakistocracy in the U.S.A. The coming depredations will affect them most.

  3. I’m 74 years old. I fear for the futures of my children and grandchildren because of the possible effects of global warming later in this century. It’s heartening to see the young people in the video taking matters into their own hands. They’re more tuned to reality than the “adults” who are proud of their ignorance, think they know more than they know, and cling to silly ideologies.

  4. Constant, thanks for the new word! Goes right along with Dunning-Kruger.