Well worth watching

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  1. Beautifully articulate. Well worth watching indeed.

  2. Thanks Tamino! It’s an excellent watch, and good to see some other thoughts on Jennifer Francis’s ideas on the “polar vortex” and wandering jet stream.

  3. Based at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, David Barber is one of Canada’s leading Arctic researchers, and THE guy to go to for the latest on sea ice behaviour in the far north. I note that David’s name appears at the very beginning of the talk, but it would be good to add it in a text line just below your headline, just so that viewers have a solid idea of who they are watching. Thanks for posting this.

  4. methane madness

    It’s nice to think of 150 meter thick icebergs storming around the Arctic wiping out oil rigs, making more profit impossible for those arsehats.
    Littlr disappointed he doesn’t talk about aboutthe Chutchki sea methane release, as it dwarfs everrything he speaks of.

  5. methane madness

    Chutchki sea methane burp is the biggest surprise, as people have only considered deep sea methane burp to be a concern; of course not expected for hundreds of years, everybody forgot about the Chutchki sea, only 50 meters deep…surprise!

  6. I wish we could stop with the “burp” stuff which is an incitement to exaggeration. There’s plenty of methane to deal with without the apocalyptic vision, which in my view is a distraction, and tends to be used discredit the rest.

    I love Dr. Barber. There doesn’t seem to be a whole lot new.

    Perhaps it no longer matters that we be reasonable, since events are so wholly unreasonable. The biggest bully around is the planet itself, and I fear the lessons it is about to teach Trumpworld will hurt all of us, and their three monkeys are fully deployed.