U.S.A. — Left Behind

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16 responses to “U.S.A. — Left Behind

  1. methane madness

    A sad video that brings to mind the optimism of Neville Chamberlain claiming ‘peace in our time’.
    Once Trump pulls out of Paris, China will renege. (I bet my sister last christmas that T would win) America won’t be left behind… it will lead the race to extonction.
    Trump has been walking back some of his crack pottery but he has to give the crazies their pound of flesh and as deniers are the most effective trolls they ‘win’.

  2. China have been pouring money into clean energy and clean transport because otherwise they can’t breathe.

    They’ll recoup the investment by selling solar panels and electric cars around the world, which is a nice bonus.

    And a third bonus, they get to beat their Paris pledge pretty easily and get kudos on the world stage as a climate leader. They had promised to reduce carbon intensity and peak in 2030. They’re now expecting the peak was in 2014-15 (which are within measurement error of each other).

    Trump’s victory ensures what was already likely: that the US will not win this industrial competition.

    • I expect that China will stay on board, because it appears that they think the transition to low-carbon energy is in their interest for the reasons that numerous stated. In addition to the famous air quality crisis, they also have a lot to lose from climate change: the largest exposed coastal population anywhere, severe existing water shortage issues which will only get worse, and agriculture in warm climates.

    • totally agree, the world have moved on – the US republican party have not

      if it is not careful America will simply become ever more irrelevant in the world, its influence diminishing as the earth warms

      it will be an exemplar of a society that’s rejects reason and reverses into middle ages

      • It would be one thing if the US would slip quietly into irrelevance and third-world level poverty, but there is the small matter of >2000 nuclear armed missiles. If you think N. Korea is bad, imagine the US as a failed state with nukes.

      • It’s worth reiterating Snarkrates’ comment about the USA’s nukes…

        A country whose very identity is predicated on the idea that it is the best in the world, and that has been used to global hegemony for generations, is going to be profoundly confronted by the inevitable near-term loss of its pre-eminent status. Add to this the further economic and social harm from a few decades more of escalating damage from global warming, and the apparent recalcitrant ignorance and denial of around half of its population, and the seeds are sown for a vehement externalising of blame.

        Worse though is the fact that in the minds of some leaders nothing helps kick an economy like an all-out war, and if it was going to be a no-holds-barred one then it could be perceived to usefully help pick off some of the competitors’ higher emissions concentration to boot, if nukes were deployed.

        Such a scenario could conceivably come to pass within the term(s) of a Trump presidency, and if not there’s the fact that, according to a number of commentators on the US political landscape, Trump’s victory appears to have realigned the political landscape to make repeat opportunities for more Trumps to make their way to the Oval Office in comming decades.

        Brexit, and Australia’s last decade of constant lurching ever more to the right, would seem to exemplify this political trend and bode ill for the US’s (and the planet’s…) future. Canada shines as a beacon of hope that it might be otherwise, but I suspect that they’re an enlightened anomaly rather than the rule, especially as there’s an ever-growing trend to conservatism in Europe and other parts of the world.

        Add to the mix the fact of increasing religious ideology in many parts of the world, and an ever-growing cadre of megalomaniacal dictators in countries of strategic importance and/or size, and the potential for red-button pressing from one side or other, with subsequent rapidly escalating destruction, suddenly seems to loom larger than is comfortable to contemplate.

      • “…there’s the fact that, according to a number of commentators on the US political landscape, Trump’s victory appears to have realigned the political landscape to make repeat opportunities for more Trumps to make their way to the Oval Office in coming decades.”

        I think the reverse is more likely. The GOP is still badly splintered ideologically, and will likely become more so as Trumpism both fails to deliver the economic goods, and actually hurts American global standing. Meanwhile, minds on the other side have been concentrated quite a bit by this disaster of an election.

        But then, I’m a serial optimist.

      • Doc Snow, I fervently hope that it is so, but if Australia’s any example what will happen is that all failures of the Trump presidency will become the fault of Obama, just as the Australian Liberal (sic)/National coalition blame Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd for every one of their incompetencies, failures, and imagined travesties of progressive erosions of true-blue moral society. The conservative media has repeated the mantra of Gillard/Rudd in the same way that the US version has with Obama, to the point that it becomes a Pavolvian bell for the salivating hounds of right-wing extremism, and in their hunger they’ll swallow whatever tripe is dished out.

        It’s how denialism works, and it worked a treat to block acceptance of cliamnte science after decades of attempted education, so a few squiirel-pointings will be child’s-play in the scam to sucker the ideological rubes of the Right after just a few years of Trumpist failure.

        I think that the US, and the rest of the world behind it, have both arms well and truly sunk into the tar baby.


      • A large part of Drumpf’s success in this election has to do with his “reality” TV persona–people thought they knew him from having had him in their living rooms and so dismissed any information that conflicted with that projected image. It is unlikely anyone else could have been as successful in the vote while running such an incompetent campaign from a conventional political point of view. The rules are different for Drumpf–they always have been.

        There was also the fact that folks are pissed off and if the establishment didn’t want Drumpf in a position of power, that was exactly who they were determined to put there. (Note that you saw the same thing with Dubya.)

        In my mind, the real problem is not Drumpf, but the >62 million imbeciles who voted for him. Unfortunately, they aren’t going away any time soon.

  3. methane madness

    If China does stay on board and States such as California continue as is, then Trumps madness may be mitigated. It would also be hilarious to see states rights on the other foot.

  4. methane madness

    If he does uphold Paris oh how I would love to be a fly on the wall at wuwt .it will be like when the yoddeling starts in ‘Mars attacks’ little brains will be popping around the globe.

    All the walking back Trump is doing is going to piss off his crazies, if he said this stuff before election they would not have voted for him. Dark irony if one of them did to him what he suggested foe Clinton

  5. methane madness

    Trump ‘science and know it all stuff’ advisor seems to be jibbering that they are going to defund Nasa Earth sciences.

  6. Ironic, the proposal reportedly floated by Nicholas Sarkoczy to carbon-tax US-made goods. How often have I heard that suggested as a possible US tactic to address Chinese or Indian emissions?