Climate Denier for EPA

Myron Ebell of the CEI is the purported pick to head Trump’s EPA transition team. Let’s not let a man who denies science in the name of profit lead the nation in environmental protection.

Please sign the petition:

10 responses to “Climate Denier for EPA

  1. Signed.

    Not sure if I can sign as not American, but did sign because it’s a global concern, and this affects us all.

    I also notice he’s getting a top Koch lobbyist into a position of power. Guess cleaning out the swamp in Trumpspeak means rewarding certain swamp dwellers.

  2. valuethefuture

    Not to discourage anyone from getting active, and speaking up, in as many ways as possible, but I confess I’m a little confused as to the point of this particular petition. Obama couldn’t do anything about it if he wanted to. Trump will just ignore it, no matter how many sign it. Really the only people in a position of any power at all would be Senate Democrats, if only we could get them to remember what a filibuster is and summon the guts to use it—about which I’m not holding my breath, unless this election has finally done the near-impossible and shocked them into actually wanting to protect the country, for a change. Better to target letters and petitions at them, I’d think.

    [Response: It’s a statement of public opposition to the selection. But the idea of letters and petitions to senators is a good one.]

  3. The Democratic Party lost the will to be actively liberal as it became increasingly neoliberal, starting with guess who. The only positions likely to elicit the filibuster impulse by Democrats in the Senate are Supreme Court appointments.

    History tells us Republican presidents get the “benefit” of economic downturns ( Regardless, we’re due for another recession some time in the next year or two (, and Trump’s (and Congress’) policies are sure to make it worse.

  4. Signed from Europe.

  5. I think we’re in a lot more trouble than most people realize when it comes to our geopolitical situation and President Elect Donald Trump.

    Richard Engel on Trump’s Authoritarian administration:

    Richard Engel understands what we’re facing as does (apparently) our military leaders. A cursory look at Trump’s potential cabinet appointments tells me that Climate Change is at the bottom of his list of concerns. Take a look:

  6. Yep, let’s drain that swamp and fill it with oil.

  7. With all due respect, but you’re totally screwed on the world stage. How do you expect your allies to share sensitive intelligence information with you when your president has murky ties to Russia? When they share information how can you to sure that it’s real information as opposed to disinformation and the allies will be asking themselves the same. Even after he’s gone, how will you be able to rebuild trust?

  8. A petition. Really? You PLEAD?!? A nicely worded beg for MERCY?

    Just ask anyone who ever had problems with the school-bully: How did plea to him work out? Great, I bet?

    Do not appease. Stand up against bullies.

    We in Germany have seen where appeasement leads to, My grandpa served half a year in Dachau – for being the chairman on the local sport-club!

  9. Just signed. This would be hilarious if it weren’t so serious!!!!

  10. xavier onnasis

    “The petition you are trying to access has been removed from the site per our Moderation Policy, because it was in violation of our Terms of Participation.”