Global Warming Basics on YouTube

I’ve started a new YouTube channel about Global Warming Basics. The first video is here:

Global Warming: Loading the Dice

If you’re willing, please watch it on YouTube (to increase the channel’s stats). Thanks! You can also watch it right here:

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7 responses to “Global Warming Basics on YouTube

  1. Woo. Tamino has a voice. Somewhat weird after all these years reading to find out what he sounds like: kind of American, and a little less professorial than I had imagined :-)

    Nice video, makes the point well, although a skeptical person might think the rules were contrived to make that point, not necessarily bearing much relation to reality.

    [Response: I am American. Its purpose is not to persuade, but to inform. With luck, there’s more to come.]

  2. I don’t want to be a wet blanket, but I am going to anyway. I don’t think anyone except a statistician is going to understand this nor see how the dice analogy is related to weather/climate. Or how loading the dice relates to greenhouse gases. Or how to interpret the scores, or understand what the positive and negative numbers mean.
    Who is the intended audience? What is its purpose?
    Don’t misunderstand – I think your blog is invaluable, and promotes intelligent discourse. The video is going to confuse lots of people. In my opinion.

    • “I don’t think anyone except a statistician is going to understand this nor see how the dice analogy is related to weather/climate.”

      I understood it perfectly well, and I’ve never taken a stats course.

    • Hi Nick

      I disagree, I am a self confessed mathematics dunce, but it makes perfect sense to me

      Also Tamino does make the point that GHG is irrelevant in the video – this is simply about probability / randomness

      What this does is address the straw man argument used by the deniers that XYZ weather event is not “proof” of AGW

      Indeed, just like a single win (or loss for that matter) in Las Vegas is not “proof” that most people don’t loose most of the time in Vegas

      I live in the UK, in December last year we had sustained temps around 16c, is it evidence of AGW?, is it worth even pointing out exceptionalness of the weather to a denier? – not really (in either case), because in the same way, one roll of Tamino’s 12 dice tells you nothing about what the next roll will be

      And ironically it is the same math that allows a water filled paradise to be built in a desert

  3. Your dice game is too pessimistic. That would not happen from climate change alone.

    That would require additional messed up stupidity, like electing an incompetent racist puppet to command the largest military in the world.

  4. Victor Venema

    Might happen. At least one poll is drifting to the right

  5. Jeffrey Davis

    You actually sound a bit like Robert Reich.

    And I think the rhetorical strategy of starting off by illustrating why we should care and about why we should care now is a good one. The graph line falling so abruptly is an effective closer.