Daily Archives: October 24, 2016

People of the Land

Climate deniers hate the surface temperature data sets, but they love to insult ’em. That’s because they show how much the globe has warmed … and that’s something deniers don’t want to admit, not even to themselves. They live in denial of it. They’ll do almost anything to minimize and/or discredit it.

Their favorite argument is to say that all adjustments made to surface temperatures from land-based thermometers are bad and wrong, and they usually throw in a thinly-veiled implication or outright accusation that the scientists who do that are perpetrating a fraud. Never mind that the whole purpose of adjustments is to improve things, that it’s a time-tested and proven procedure in many sciences, or that for most organizations the entire process is transparent (NASA, e.g., makes all the original data, the methodology, even the computer programs they use to do so available online for all to see).

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