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  1. I think Keith Olbermann has set the bar on political rants with this series of GQ videos

  2. Wow. Formidable litany.

    Yes, we have always known this man.

  3. And a creative response:

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  4. Outstanding, Doc.

  5. Christopher Winter

    Yes, I know Donald Trump. I first met him when I read a story inspired by Joseph McCarthy, though I didn’t know at the time it was also about Trump. That story is “Mr. Costello, Hero”, written by Theodore Sturgeon in 1953. Today the talk is all about Sinclair Lewis’s “It Can’t Happen Here,” but I think Sturgeon’s tale is a better choice. It’s out of print, of course, but you can find it in Assignment in Tomorrow (Hanover House, 1954) or A Touch of Strange (Doubleday, 1958; reprinted by numerous publishers through 1978) Its most recent publication is in the British anthology A Saucer of Loneliness (Gateway / Orion, Sept. 2013).

    What’s remarkable about Trump is how completely unqualified for the presidency he is, in every area: knowledge, judgment, ability, or character — and how many people of knowledge and judgment have aligned themselves against him. That list includes 600 writers, many scientists, numerous economists, and constitutional scholars. It even extends to leading Republicans. But the Republicans are stuck with Trump for a little while longer, thanks to their having embraced his values well before he declared as a candidate. This much well-supported opposition should tell his supporters a thing, but they wouldn’t be Trump supporters if they could understand that thing. The rest of us don’t need to share their mistake.