NPR Science Friday: the Madhouse Effect

Climate scientist Mike Mann will be a guest on NPR Science Friday (at about 2:40 pm today) to discuss, among other things, how crazy climate denial can get. You can find it online here.

4 responses to “NPR Science Friday: the Madhouse Effect

  1. At first, I thought my local station chose not to carry it. But it is buried under the segment called “What’s in a Subpoena?” (Just thought I’d note that small detail here, in case someone else has the same trouble I did when I went to your linked page.)

  2. Michael Mann is in the second half of a 35 minute segment labeled “Science in the Crosshairs.” The entire segment is interesting.

  3. He also gave this (illustrated by cartoons) talk ‘The Madhouse Effect’ at Earth101 in Iceland this year:

  4. Thanks for the link! For the record, Science Friday is a PRI program, not from NPR.