Time Series Begins

The class has begun. Lesson 1 is here.

The more the merrier, so feel free to encourage others who might be interested (and prepared), but don’t know this blog, to join in.

And tremendous thanks — again — to all the donors who have made this possible (of course, more donations are welcome). You’re great!


2 responses to “Time Series Begins

  1. No comment yet??? THANK YOU, TAMINO!!!!!
    I´m not english speaker, just reader. But I´m following the class with the captions. Thank you, again.

  2. Thanks for Lesson One Tamino. I made a comment over there but it didn’t show up. Moderation?
    I’ve made a small monthly repeating donation. You do very important work, I hope in a small way I have encouraged you to keep it up.

    [Response: Yes you have, thank you. And yes, comments are moderated (yours is up now), because without that the spammers are overwhelming.

    Lesson 2 is coming today. Boy have I discovered how mush *work* is involved, but I believe it’s worth it.]