This is called “Gravity”


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  1. Everett F Sargent

    Social media as learning tools? Surely a pox is amongst us. A 21st century take on the Tower of Babel, as it were.

    • The internet makes some people smarter and other people dumber.
      A good rule of thumb is to ignore any comment that says “just Google it”.

  2. If I hadn’t learned the term ‘mic drop’ last month, the final joke would have flown over my head.

    • FLwolverine

      Thanks for clueing me in, Treesong. Obama’s mic drop from the April 30 White House correspondent’s dinner is already in Wikipedia. I wonder how long until this example is added.

  3. I call it “anti-knowledge”

    certain sections of the worlds population seem to wear “ignorance” as a badge of honour

  4. Sailrick, it’s almost as if there is an intelligence conservation law – as one person’s intelligence increases, another’s decreases in the same proportion.

  5. FLwolverine

    Off topic but overall relevant:

    Tamino – are you familiar with this book?

    The Visual Display of Quantitative Information by Edward Tufte

    This is apparently a classic in the field of graphical statistics. My son (artist turned website designer turned computer engineer turned web product developer) showed it to me over the weekend, and I immediately thought of you and Sou and your exposure of misleading data and graphs. It was very interesting to read about how to recognize the lies not only in the figures but also in the presentation (Kelvin scale temperature graphs, anyone?).

    Here’s what seems to be a decent review of the book. It includes a picture of what Tufte calls the worst data graphic ever printed. Enjoy.

  6. The video is blocked outside the US – at least, it won’t play here in Oz. Found a shorter edit here.

  7. It works in the UK for me. What’s this ‘mic drop’ meme? Can someone explain, rather than have me wandering round the internet trying to work it out?

    • Rappers thing, now popularised across genres. End of your break or set, drop the mic to punctuate how fly you were (opposition rappers in a battle might have to pick it up off the floor, too). Got some more currency recently when Obama ostentatiously dropped the mic after his speech at the annual press dinner.

  8. “This is called ‘gravity’…”

    Paradoxically, it is simultaneously–and equally correctly!–called “levity.”