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Climate Data Update

I’ve just released updated data (the latter-April update) for the Climate Data service. So far, the service seems to be well-liked by subscribers.

The latest includes updates to some of the existing data fields, and new data fields have been added. The new fields are:

Field.Name Units Description
cow.way deg.C global land+ocean temperature Cowtan & Way
berk.glob deg.C global land+ocean temperature Berkeley Earth
co2.mlo ppmv CO2 Mauna Loa
co2.anom.mlo ppmv de-seasonalized CO2 Mauna Loa
co2.glob ppmv CO2 global marine surface
co2.glob.anom ppmv de-seasonalized CO2 global marine surface
co2.grim ppmv CO2 Cape Grim
ch4.grim ppbv CH4 (methane) Cape Grim
n2o.grim ppbv N2O Cape Grim
nino34 deg.C Nino 3.4 temperature
nino34.anom deg.C Nino 3.4 temperature anomaly
aod.glob global aerosol optical depth NASA
aod.nhem northern hemisphere aerosol optical depth
aod.shem southern hemisphere aerosol optical depth
pmod.tsi W/m^2 total solar irradiance PMOD

There’s not much time to get a subscription it at the low rate of $25; the price will rise in May.

So subscribe now, in two easy steps. Step 1: make a donation of $25 at donating at Peaseblossom’s Closet; Step 2: post a comment here (which I will not make public) and be sure to include your email address (so I know where to send it).

NOAA Hottest

NOAA has joined NASA in releasing data for global temperature this March, and not only is the NOAA value a scorcher, it’s the hottest temperature anomaly on record.


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