Bill Nye and Marc Morano Discuss “Climate Hustle” Documentary

16 responses to “Bill Nye and Marc Morano Discuss “Climate Hustle” Documentary

  1. Thank you. I wish people would be reasonable and consider ways to correct our environmental problems.

  2. Morano is selling the controversy… and seeking audiences for his May 2nd movie showing. A cheap stunt.

  3. ‘you could be a force for good’

  4. Morano is a strategic thinker (the only really smart skeptic I know). Maybe at some point he will convert and be a force of good, kind of. I think if someone offered him a better salary, he’d do it straight away.

    • Problem is, his many years of misinformation will came straight back to haunt him – with his new opponents pointing out he’s just expressing that opinion because he gets paid more money.

    • Sadly, I think you are too optimistic. It’s not just the money. Strange about the disconnect (for example, although Frank Luntz (“Doubt is our product”) has changed his mind, he’s not doing a thing). Here’s a bit on that:

      all signs indicate that whoever moves into the White House in January 2017 is going to have to maneuver on a fundamentally reorganized U.S. political terrain, where the Republican Party has been colonized and redirected by the Koch network. The Kochs don’t just write checks for elections and think tanks. Nor are they “rivals” of the Republican Party as many observers suggest, because they are more like parasites who depend upon the continued life of their host. With AFP at the center, the Koch network of carefully coordinated organizations has made great progress at redirecting the GOP, leaving its label and institutional shell in place, but propelling its governing choices in radical new directions.

      They are collective goods providers for the wealthy right, which depends on everyone, including the Kochs themselves, believing that their cause is a moral crusade.

  5. Bill gave a great response to Morano’s question about fossil fuels as one of the “greatest liberators of mankind.” And Morano’s comment “I care about my kids,you care about your kids” was very telling, demonstrating how small-minded he is; Nye, of course, had the perfect response: “No, no, I want *everyone* in the world to have a higher quality of life.”

  6. Not much of a discussion! Morano does not get a word in!

    • Chris O'Neill

      Morano does not get a word in!

      You must be suffering from selective deafness. Who was it who implied a global conspiracy with the words “the global temperature record comes from government agencies”? Who was it who asked the well-poisoning question “do you agree that fossil fuel energy has provided an enormous benefit to humans”?

      Obviously, whoever asked those questions asked them without getting a word in!

  7. In the movie “Merchants of Doubt” Morano doesn’t try to hide the fact that what He does is a Hustle

  8. Andy Lee Robinson

    The friend of the world is Nye!

  9. Nice one Andy!