Daily Archives: April 10, 2016

Climate Data Service

UPDATE: I’ve already received some feedback, so before long I’ll be offering more options — e.g., choose csv or tab-delimited files. As I say, the service will evolve based on subscriber feedback.

Also, to let folks know, the first release will include over 500 time series at monthly resolution and a smattering of daily data. More will be added as time progresses and requests accumulate, and won’t necessarily be limited to time series data.


To the many who have subscribed already, thank you.

You’ll receive your first installment tomorrow (Apr. 12). As with everything new, there are bound to be some rough edges. Improvement will depend on subscriber feedback, so don’t be shy.

Of particular note is the format (by which I mean, how data are split into files and in what order they appear). All decisions are up to the management (me), but believe me when I say that your opinions count. Together, we can make this better and better.

We love climate data. We love to see it for ourselves, plot it in new ways, just go exploring for what we can find. Fortunately, a great deal of it is freely available on the internet.

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