Riveting Panel Discussion

(March 31, 2016) The U.S. premiere of CFACT’s groundbreaking new documentary, Climate Hustle will take place at a Capitol Hill briefing in the historic Rayburn Office Building, including a riveting panel discussion on climate change featuring Gov. Sarah Palin and other notable guests.

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  1. Is this post a day early?

    [Response: You may recall a hilarious sketch on “Saturday Night Live” featuring Tina Fey making fun of Sarah Palin, by following a script which had not come from the brilliant wit of their comedy writers — it was direct quote from Sarah Palin herself.

    Now CFACT has reprised the favor, treating us to an early April fool’s joke in the form of a “serious” press release. Who else but Sarah Palin could be the font of such comic gold?]

  2. This is kind of disturbing. I am torn between ignoring them completely, or confronting them in a display of open contempt and derision. This amounts to a taunt. How do they acquire the space in the Rayburn Office Building?.

    Are these sad clowns? Bad performers? I really am confused by their dramatically amplified hubris. I think I am happy I don’t live in the D.C. area — a distressing opportunity – normally I would not travel toward someone just to express opprobrium.

  3. It flopped in Paris, so now they’re trying a reboot with the ‘star power’ of the Infernal Sarah, or so it would appear… but wait:


    Sez there that they will be doing a “one night national theatrical event” of the “brutal and extremely funny”, “tremendous” and “dynamite” movie that “shows how global warming has become a new religion for alarmists”!–coming to a theatre near you (or near somebody, anyway) on May 2.

    So this is a teaser, essentially, for the Big Push.

    “Are they trying to control the climate… or you?”

    Sounds like Reefer Madness for the new millennium.

  4. John Mashey

    Washington? No problem.

    See agenda for November 2015 Texas Public Policy FOundation meeting, which inlcuded Lamar SMith(R-TX) and none other than Marc Morano, with excerpts from his move.

  5. “Gov. Sarah Palin”? Does a governor get to keep the title even after relinquishing the job?

  6. Riveting? That’s one way to keep people in their seats. But glue is the usual means of attachment.

  7. Hey, April first started here 22 hours ago.

  8. They’re doing it as a Fathom Event, so I could probably pay to see it if I were so inclined. But I won’t since I do not want to give these people money.

  9. mike r–yes, former office-holders can keep their titles. Jimmy Carter is still “Mr. President,” as is George W. Al Gore is still “Mr. Vice President.” And so on.

  10. No, they’ve agreed to trade first names …

  11. I believe they chose the wrong type of fastener. Isn’t it really a screwing panel discussion?