Surface or Satellite?

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  1. Everett F Sargent

    Most excellent kick ass video evar!

  2. Very cogent.

    Nice to put faces to names. Zeke is much younger than I had imagined.

  3. It’s very good, but the video I want to see is the one that dismantles low, observation-based estimates of CS.

  4. This is a very well made video. Almost deceptively simple, very clear and no confusion.

  5. Good Video.
    A version of this graph flashed by,

    with uncertainty ensembles demonstrating that the trends of RSS 3.3 is roughly five times more uncertain than that of Hadcrut4.
    It would be interesting to see if the uncertainty ensemble of the new RSS v4 is more narrow than that of the old v3.3. For comparison, the Po Chedley (2015) dataset (tropical TMT) decreased the trend uncertainty interval by half, and restricted it to the upper half of the RSS 3.3 uncertainty interval..

  6. Not sure where or how to post this. Ran across a slick climate denial video today that features Willie Soon and David Legates. Is this new, or old? How many falacies can you count?

    [Response: As I’ve often said, no embedded video in comments.]

  7. Tamino,
    We hope you will be able to update your comparison of the satellite datasets with the RATPAC radiosonde dataset soon. Your last comparison ended in Jul 2015. Thank you!!