Question for the computer-savvy

It’s easy to get an “rss feed” for this (or just about any) blog. But I recently had a question, and I don’t know the answer. Is there a way to get an rss feed for *only* the posts here about basics?

I have so far (and will continue) titled all such posts beginning with “Global Warming Basics.” If you know of a way to limit an rss feed to those posts, please let us all know.



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  1. I’m sure someone else will beat me to it, but…if the “Basics” articles are in a “basics’ category, use the following:

    If they are in the global-warming category but tagged as “basics”, you can use:

    [Response: I’ll have to start a new category for “basics” so I can do so.]

  2. According to their docs, these should work (if you put “basic” onto a post as a category or tag):


    Look here (under “Your Feeds”):

  3. Hi Tamino,

    If you add a tag such as “global warming basics” to your posts, followers can can subscribe to the feed for that tag alone via a URL of the format

  4. If you subscribe to the feed with Inoreader, there is a search feature.

  5. I tried the formats suggested by Jonathan and Jim Pettit in Digg’s reader and nothing showed up so i am wondering if the post are tagged or is it Digg. I have been reading your blog for a while now. I think I am at least slightly above average in climate knowledge compared to main stream but your blog and the comments have really helped me deepen my understanding of climate and statistics AND generally helped me be more rational and skeptical. I like to read every post – sometimes you are pretty far above my head and I don’t really get the details or even the gist, but over time I am learning a lot.

    A few of the blogs I follow in RSS post multiple times a day and i find it is easy enough to scan headlines skipping ones I don’t care to read. I also put all the blogs I follow in various folders which can be marked as read. I am not really computer savvy but I LOVE RSS – it is what enables me to deal with the internet.

  6. Hi Misha, Tamino will need to add the tags or categories to his posts first before the RSS feed will start working (and perhaps publish something new, too). This one should work (as an example) of the format for his already existing Global Warming category: