Daily Archives: January 15, 2016

Earth to John Christy

John Christy doesn’t like criticism of the satellite temperature record. He has multiple objections, but the one that struck me as bizarre is this one which was recently brought to my attention:

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The Rabett made an interesting post recently, based on an idea that occurred to him on the subject of the “Cruz pause” (a drawback to slumming at Lucia’s).

If the changes in temperature over short periods (like days or months or even annually) track each other, even just in direction in the satellite and surface records (so) then that is pretty convincing evidence that the problem is a long term drift in one or the other and that on the short term they are measuring the same thing.

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N-TREND: New Kid on the Hockey Rink

A new paper by Wilson et al. combines data from paleoclimate reconstructions over the last 1000+ years, by a number of different researchers, to create a sort of “consensus” reconstruction. Hence the name: Northern hemisphere TREe-Ring Network Development, or N-TREND. As pointed out by And Then There’s Physics, it’s not groundbreaking or earth-shattering, it pretty much tells the story we already knew.

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