Here’s one: it’s now clear that you can have flooding because of high tide, even without storm surge or onshore winds or rainfall. And that’s not just for Miami and Boston, it’s for most U.S. coastal locations.

Here’s another: some excerpts from a report by the BBC:

Global temperatures are set to rise more than one degree above pre-industrial levels according to the UK’s Met Office.

Figures from January to September this year are already 1.02C above the average between 1850 and 1900.

If temperatures remain as predicted, 2015 will be the first year to breach this key threshold.

The world would then be half way towards 2C, the gateway to dangerous warming.

The new data is certain to add urgency to political negotiations in Paris later this month aimed at securing a new global climate treaty.

We’re not just crossing thresholds, we’re crossing danger thresholds. The time to reduce CO2 is now.

8 responses to “Thresholds

  1. Chris O'Neill

    No doubt the damage denialists will say 1℃ isn’t so bad so why should we get really worried just yet?

  2. “Until now, nothing serious happened” – said the man falling past the 11th story windows.

  3. BTW 1 °C anomaly is by no means a physical threshold, just like 2 °C isn’t, at least not in any physical sense. I mean it isn’t more important than the 1.1632853 °C threshold – probably less. This about clarity of thoughts in the media.

  4. It’s discouraging to hear people talking about reducing rates of increase in emissions instead of working towards zero or at least a negative slope. And there’s another layer of denial out there, such as the recent article by *The* *Economist* on COP21 which spoke about “reducing emissions 90% from where they were” (false: no permutation of the facts can get that), and thereby limiting global warming to +3 degrees C. Of course, that’s by 2100, not absolutely.

    Badly misleading. It’s why I don’t subscribe to *The* *Economist* any longer. Makes me too upset.