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Here’s a challenge for readers: how many long-debunked-but-will-never-die climate denial themes can you spot in the following advertisement from the New York Times back in 2000 (you can read more about it here)

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Honey, I broke the graph

Well, I did it.

NOAA released their global temperature data for September, so I thought it was time for an update. But I was trying to update the NOAA temperature data graph in a way that would really tell the story. So first I graphed the yearly average global temperature up to last year, but left out this-year-so-far. Then, I figured I’d add an extra point, marked as an asterisk, in red, to emphasize this year’s value (so far). Problem is — it broke the graph:


Dang that pesky global warming.

Miami — Why Worry?

Harvey Ruvin, Miami-Dade Clerk of Courts, has asked for a superfund to deal with the problem of sea level rise in the Miami area. And it’s all because sea level rise threatens $6 trillion worth of property. And the water supply, as saltwater continues to intrude into the groundwater. And the lives of millions of South Floridians.

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Use and Abuse

As the Rabett points out, there’s a fascinating temperature graph from Kevin Drum at Mother Jones. Here ’tis:


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