The Denier Castle is Crumbling


11 responses to “The Denier Castle is Crumbling

  1. GOP Deniers = Black Knight

  2. James Hansen was the first to bring this carbon tax with rebate to my attention, and I immediately liked it. Unfortunately, the Democrats wanted some phony cap and trade idea that allowed endless political fiddling, and the Republicans wanted nothing.

    I hope Senator Whitehouse can make his colleagues listen to reason but I really don’t have much hope it will be soon.

  3. Edward Greisch

    Who is that senator?

    [Response: Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island. He’s the most active politician I know about climate change, regularly speaking on the senate floor about the issue. What Inhofe is for deniers, Whitehouse is for us.

    Rhode Island was the first of the original thirteen colonies to declare independence from British rule, declaring itself independent on May 4, 1776.]

  4. “May it be so…”

  5. Thanks for this. I saw a headline about IMF making statements regarding the need for carbon pricing and reduced subsidies for fossil fuels. It seems like statements like these are coming out quite frequently now. And there are also lots of statements regarding how achievable reducing emissions is. Good news! We need to make sure voters see them.

    I don’t want to give the deniers anything to distract people with, but I was looking at, and committing the sin of eyeballing, and I was wondering if you thought that dataset might be ripe for changepoint analysis. Is there more good news in those data? I hope so.

    [Response: I haven’t yet seen good news in the CO2 data. But I’ll take another look.]

  6. this Think Progress article claims that in the past year a substantial number of Republicans have come to realize that AGW is a real threat. Perhaps the Republican leaders will start to come around soon. The denier position is harder and harder to support.

  7. 114 times he’s stood up to try and talk some sense into his fellows. You have to admire the man’s doggedness.

    Can someone explain what the procedure is that gives him a 20-minute speaking slot every week or other week? UK politicians don’t get such a thing.