Miami flooding

People are noticing:

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  1. People are noticing? They should look harder at WUWT.

  2. I’ve been looking at Norfolk lately, more trouble with tides. But the most recent projections for Joaquin are centered there, and that added on could be disastrous. One could wish for less interesting times.

    I don’t think climate deniers are interested in this kind of news, they’re very good at ignoring it. However, I suspect that like in Norfolk, the truth is getting rather obvious.

  3. Miami can buy a decade or two by spending hundreds of millions of dollars on pumps and that assume that luck stays with them and no major storms the city. How can politicians like Rubio ignore the costs and damages?

  4. Denialistas, I’m sure, will point to stories like this one:

    “100% natural! Nothing to see here, folks! Move along, move along!”

    But the reality is that ‘sunny day flooding’ has become more and more common in Miami Beach. (Almost like the sea was rising, or something.) You know the city wouldn’t be springing $300 million for these pumps if they weren’t pretty sure that the citizenry perceived a need for them.

  5. Naomi Klein and Ari Lewis were on Democracy Now this morning discussing their movie based on Naomi’s book “This Changes Everything”. Here is a link to the segment that runs about 30 min. (may take a minute to load)

  6. Willis Eschenbach at WTF claims there has been no acceleration in sea level rise. Not in Florida, not anywhere in the U.S., not globally. If Tamino or anyone else is not too tired of flogging dead critters, maybe they could reflog this one. I know Tamino has tackled this topic before, so maybe reflogging is pointless.

    • The three word phrase “Willis Eschenbach claims” deserves about as much respect as “banjo player’s Mercedes.”

      Still, no lie left unrefuted, and all that… But it’s not a new claim; I’ve heard it asserted numerous times by various denialati small fry online, usually without any support whatever.

    • OK, Tom, you made me look. Appreciate your efforts to inject some sanity into their comment thread–you’re a better man than I. Of course, it leads to Willis and the choir slagging our host, in many cases in fashions that are transparently incorrect. (Ie., allegedly ignoring the need for adequate spans of data, or ‘conflating the tidal gauge record with the satellite altimeter record.’ Possibly the guy claiming the last doesn’t know what ‘conflating’ actually means.)

      FWIW, and on the face of it, he’s making global claims on the basis of fewer than half a dozen tidal record that he looked up, with no more than a glance at error bars by way of analysis, and a summary paragraph from Houston & Dean, 2011, which is limited to US data.

      Yeah, that’s the way to get at ‘the truth.’

      I won’t link, but the title of the post is “An Open Invitation To Ira Flatow.”