I really think the “donations” thing is fixed

We called PayPal again, this time we got somebody who really seems to know what he’s doing. The fix was applied right then instead of the previous “it should work in a day or two.” Immediately after, my wife (who previously tried and failed to donate) tried, and it worked.

So it looks like the donation thing is really fixed this time.

Of course anyone who wishes to, is more than welcome to. If you get an error message, do let me know (and copy/paste the error message in your comment).

Thanks very much to all who donate, and to all who’ve helped track down the problem, and all who have been patient.


8 responses to “I really think the “donations” thing is fixed

  1. michael sweet

    worked for me. Keep up the good work.

    [Response: That I can promise.]

  2. Peaseblossom’s Closet transaction seemed to work this time. Thanks.

  3. Donations thing fixed AND got your wife to donate!
    Now, that’s what I call success.

  4. How many “test” donations did your wife make before you told her it was working? ;-)

  5. David Forrest (@drf5n)

    Worked for me. Have a pint on me.

  6. skeptictmac57

    Worked for me…easy peasybottom.

  7. It worked for me.

    Thanks again for your insights.

  8. Looks good.