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Republican politicians at work

I suggest you begin at the 3-minute mark.

Five Signs of Denial

CNN has published an important article by John Cook outlining The 5 telltale techniques of climate change denial.

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We now have data for global temperature at earth’s surface (which is where we live) through June of this year, from both NASA and NOAA. Graphs are a lot less messy if we convert monthly data to yearly, simply by computing annual averages. This year (2015) isn’t complete yet, but I’ll plot the 2015-so-far averages anyway, to give you an idea of how the year is shaping up compared to previous years. I’ll also put them on the same baseline, more easily to compare the two. Without further ado, here’s the result:


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Bad Year for Wild Fire

We’ve already seen an over-abundance of area burned by wildland fires in the U.S. As bad as it’s been in the western states, it’s been even worse in Alaska. And Canada has, unfortunately, had to write a new record book.

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The Bob

Bob Tisdale is rapidly becoming, for me, what Donald Trump is for John Stewart.

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Good guy, bad guy


The guy on the right is succumbing to heat stress. He’s outside because he’s attending a rally to protest removal of the confederate flag — a rally organized by the Ku Klux Klan. Notice the swastika on his shirt?

The guy on the left is helping him up the stairs, into the shade.

The black guy.

Fundamental Differences between Bob Tisdale and Reality

I guess Bob Tisdale didn’t like my pointing out that when revision goes his way he heaps praise on it, when it goes the opposite way he denegrates it. In an attempt to save face he has posted about what he calls “fundamental differences” between the updates. He only ends up proving my point — but WUWT readers don’t get to see that, because of the data he doesn’t show.

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