Quick note to regular readers

We’ve contacted Paypal, they tell us that the problem with donations has been a glitch on their end. They also say that sometime tomorrow or the next, it should be working OK.

I’ll also mention that, although I often post about new scientific results and mathematical analyses, often quite technical, I also feel the need to post about what’s happening right now, and in simple terms. Many of you are quite knowledgeable and sophisticated, but I need to write stuff for the more typical lay reader as well. So, my next post will be a simple exposition of recent temperature in the northern hemisphere, on land, but (I hope!) will not be very technical.


4 responses to “Quick note to regular readers

  1. Martin Smith

    From a more typical lay reader: Know that your extra effort is very much appreciated.

  2. arch stanton

    From a more typical lay reader: Your extra effort is indeed very much appreciated.

    That said, your lay readers aren’t all that typical imho, not that we’re any sharper, just atypical when compared to lay readers in general.

    But we knew what you meant.

  3. A note to donors: according to PayPal, donations should now go through OK. If anyone wants to test this, of course feel free — and if there’s any glitch, please let me know (kindly include verbatim any error message in case we need to make further contact with them).

  4. Martin Smith

    I tried it. It appears to have worked.

    [Response: Excellent. Thank you.]