Republican politicians at work

I suggest you begin at the 3-minute mark.

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  1. “I do not believe the scientists because it is their profession, not their hobby”

    Well put.

  2. No matter how low my opinion of our politicians in the UK is, I never cease to be amazed how cretinous some of yours can be. Are all the anti-science idiots Republicans, or are there some Democrats equally ignorant?

    [Response: I’m not aware of any Democrats who are *that* dumb … but I’ll bet they’re out there.]

  3. Absolutely delicious!

  4. Wonderful! I especially enjoyed the demonstration with the ice.

  5. Is there some sort of IQ based equal opportunity policy being implemented in US government?

  6. Thinking of the US beeing still the scientifically leading country, it comes to me that the US are really, really very inhomogenous in itself, having all kinds of extremes.

  7. Driest comment: “I always enjoy my interactions with you, Rep. Rohrbacher.”

    Dumbest of the dumb, apparently: Rep. Bucshon.

  8. The politicians simply repeat the long-debunked arguments of others without understanding what they are saying.

    • Sadly not. They know full well the flaws in their arguments. They are just going through the motions.

    • It’s very hard to buy they do not understand what they are saying. That’s true of most science deniers (The Watters, for instance) as well. I recently had a semi-public run-in with one who offered slides from a pitch he had/was going to present, which included claims that the IPCC only examined forcings which were “anthropic”. He went on in the predictable way accusing them of bias, etc. The claim made me totally livid and I trotted out Chapter 8 of the AR5 physical sciences basis section, and showed him, and the limited audience, figures which explicitly compare anthropogenic and non sources. I can only conclude that either this guy had heard this from some other source and believed it, or that he never bothered to go back to the original reference. What’s amazing is that, by all appearances, he’s successful and capable in other areas, although, judging by how he deals with scientific fact, it’s tough to buy he’s had in-depth training in the physical sciences.

      The alternative is, of course, to believe that he knew well the IPCC did cover those forcings, and he deliberately lied to misrepresent them.

      Then he went on in the slides including some from John Christy … I had to go calm down.

      Either way, it’s this kind of stuff that drives me, and I’m sure many other, people here completely nuts. Many “civilians” out there don’t get the degree of irritation I sometimes show.

  9. Jay Dee Are


  10. The Watters look like geniuses in comparison. And Holdren had to be polite. I caught an undertone of him wanting to grab the edges of the desk and beat his head against it until oblivion made the stupid disappear.

  11. The trouble with the US, Canada, Australia and the UK is that all the smart people go into science, leaving only stupid ones to enter politics.

    Well, at least the conservative side thereof…

    • That’s not entirely true. We’ve had some scientists in Congress, even people other than physicians. It’s my impression they don’t last long, by their choice, but I don’t have the numbers to back that up.

      • Australia has in the governing conservative coalition a PhD-qualified former CSIRO scientist (materials science) who is a climate change denier.

        Unfortunately Dennis Jensen does seem to be there for the long haul…

  12. Andy Lee Robinson

    If only it were possible to force everyone in America to watch one thing, it would be this, one of my all time favourites!

  13. I wonder wether all this is really a question of intelligence on the side of certain politicians. I feel it may have to do with some kind of greater disposition to entrench oneself in some kind of war narrative, more or less in this case together with a weird conspiracy theory. Intelligence is by no means a safeguard against crass misjudgements, depending on the social web you live in. I think of a lot of intelligent people misjudging the nazis at their day.

    • That’s true. Cognition is a complex business, with all sorts of values underlying and enabling (or disabling) logic. The intellectually gifted may be more rational, or they may be better at rationalizing. Or both, by turns.