Sometimes I wonder whether Anthony Watts is trying to show how wrong he is about global warming.

In a recent post he shows some of the “hate mail” (although they seem like hateful comments) he’s received. One of them comes from an angry somebody in Washington state, which has recently suffered through a terrible heat wave and some ferocious wildfires.

What’s puzzling is Watts’s reaction: he reports recent record-tying and record-breaking temperatures from Washington state. What’s surprising is not that the recent heat wave tied or broke record highs for so many locations, but by how much.

Consider La Crosse, WA for instance. On Friday (June 26) it broke the all-time record for that date, not just by a degree or even two, but by five degrees. That’s five degrees hotter than any other June 26th on record. The next day (Saturday June 27) it broke the record for that day too, exceeding the hottest June 27th on record, not by one, or two, or even five degrees, but by nine degrees.

If you think that’s impressive, consider that on Sunday (June 28) it tied the all-time record for any day, not just for that date. And it was not even July or August (the usual hottest months) yet. As for the daily record, of course it broke that. Not by one degree, not by two, not by five, not even by nine. It broke the June 28th record by fifteen degrees.

The list Watts displays is so impressive, I have to wonder: WTFUWT?

Maybe I should send him a “thank you” comment, for illustrating just how extraordinarily hot it’s been in Washington state recently.


Jeff Masters has an excellent blog post pointing out that record-setting heat is now being felt on four continents.

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  1. Anthony is going to do everything he can to make it as warm as possible, in as many places as possible. He must like records. Whatever the risk of AGW, he will do everything in his power to make sure the maximum risk is attained. I mean, that’s what he’s been doing so far.

  2. Yeah, but that’s Fahrenheit, right? You need the WUWT logarithmic temperature scale.

  3. The irony of all the verbal abuse in the comments directed toward verbal abuse in Watts’ hate mail is almost more than an industrial strength head vice can withstand.

  4. I have good friends whose property was affected by the Wenatchee fire. Their 2015 weather has been brutal and so much warmer than previous years – earlier, meaner, and hotter all together, and no snow to speak of.



  5. Anthony is “amused” by the record heat in Washington state and says pffft – the records only go back to the 1800s. He doesn’t actually say “what about the cretaceous” but he might as well have done.

    He doesn’t mention the fires or drought, being a denier “meteorologist”. (Fire, drought, heat wave, water shortages etc are dirty words, not permitted on denier blogs.)

  6. metzomagic

    15 degrees. How many SD is that from the historical mean of June temperatures for La Crosse, WA? Could this finally be the 6-sigma event that convinces Luboš Motl of the severity of climate change? ;-)

    [Response: Good question, so I checked. For the data I found (exclusively June 28 temperatures), it’s “only” a 3.37-sigma event. Of course, that corresponds to a p-value of 0.00038, about once every 2600 years. As for Motl, I doubt anything will convince him.]

    • Horatio Algeranon

      “The Pause in (non-existent) Warming”

      6-sigma for the IPCC
      But only 1 for me
      The pause in global warming
      Is plain as day to see

  7. Saturday is promising to be the hottest day since 1944 and we are having yet another heatwave the 40th since 1901
    Looks like the 1940s were hot

  8. what kind of degrees, Celsius or Fahrenheit?

  9. I am sure Cliff Mass, our beloved meteorologist, will be able to put the Washington heat wave in context. Nothing to see here. Nothing to do with AGW.

      • Two of Cliff’s responses to pushback:

        1) “Yes…the Francis hypothesis has been disproven. That is quite clear..cliff”

        2) “The “lazy jetstream” hypothesis has been disproven. Really. I provide many references to peer reviewed articles about this in my previous blog. Plus, I have been doing the analysis myself (with PHD student Matt Brewer). The waves in the jet stream DEAMPLIFY under global warming…”

        Typical Cliff–no links and I couldn’t find the blog post he refers to.

        I am not aware that the Francis/Varvis work has been “disproven”.

  10. Hate mail? What a sheltered life some people have. The poor chuck would have fled the country if he were subjected to the abuse Stephen Schneider and his son had to endure. I wonder if Marc Morano’s been dogwhistling Tony’s detractors now he’s realised the writing’s on the wall for the Climate Clown Club?