Time to take out the trash

Pope Francis is taking man-made climate change seriously. With a papal encyclical due soon, the trailer is Epic

9 responses to “Time to take out the trash

  1. Susan Anderson

    Wow, that’s wonderful. Thanks!

    • Susan Anderson

      btw, I can’t get in to the two previous articles. Is that policy?

      (I was tempted, I admit, to mention my 15 minutes of fame:
      under “response”)

      feel free to pass on this if it is inappropriate …. They did not know that I was telling the truth and knew what I was talking about, and if they did they would have contemptified it anyway.

      • Pete Dunkelberg

        I can get to previous articles by clicking on their comments, as usual.

      • Susan Anderson

        thanks Pete, I was just apologizing for offering a comment that I couldn’t submit to the other post. Language is a bear, innit.

        But this is entirely a distraction, and Laudato Si a magnificent document. I do see a lot of people flocking to this leader, but they need to remember that actions are important and leaders can’t do much unless we all help.

  2. Arvella Oliver

    Very entertaining! You know, I may actually read this Encyclical!

  3. Hmm, I take his encyclical a little more seriously than that… there’s a fine line between satire and trivializing.

  4. Sorry, couldn’t … resist …
    Pope. Vs Hitler. On mahjong.