Terminate Climate Change


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  1. Ahhnald was at one time my Governor.

    He was be far the best Republican Governor I have had. That includes Ronnie (who wasn’t as bad as I thought he was at the time).

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    People may think of the Governator as an opportunist, but if you listen to him in this series, you see an education, and a desire to bring everyone along. We need a lot more of that.

  3. And of course Arnie gives the lie to the skeptic view that it’s only the far left who are interested in AGW or who accept IPCC. He’s a very convincing character IMO….you can’t pin the wet liberal tree-hugger badge on him.

  4. This doco on both Aus and US bush fires is also worth a look

  5. While it is good to see ‘Arnie’ in this role, I find it a little worrying that he feels comfortable saying:

    I don’t think that movements are really successful if you make people think that they’re part of the problem.

    If that’s his stance, he’s setting himself up for a very, very hard sell. People are the problem. Guilt is an issue, it’s true. Sugar-coating the message may win Arnie votes, but unless homo fatuus brutus looks itself in the mirror and recognises the enemy there, we are all going to lose.

    [Response: I doubt he’s trying to win votes; he can’t run for president (he wasn’t born a citizen) and he can’t run for governor of California again (term limits).

    I agree with him that showing people how to be part of the solution will be vastly more successful than telling them they’re part of the problem. I do see your point, but I don’t agree.]