Men’s Wrongs

I am disgusted, because I just read this.

Here’s a brief excerpt:

Stefan Molyneux, a Canadian radio host, blamed mothers for the violent behavior of men.

Molyneux said that because 90% of a child’s brain is formed by the experiences it has before the age of 5, and women have “an almost universal control over childhood,” violence exists in the world because of the way women treat children.

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  1. I never heard of Molyneux before, but Google informs he’s a libertarian with an Internet radio show.

    After watching a few minutes of him here

    I concluded that any knowledge of women he has is probably second or third-hand.

    It comes as a deep, deep shock to learn he’s also a climate change ‘skeptic’.

  2. I really wish libertarians’ ideology stopped at economics and personal rights, because it seems every other thing they say is totally loony. Don’t they usually support women’s reproductive rights, at least?

    • Most of what US libertarians say about economics and personal rights is equally looney.

      • I don’t personally agree with most of what they’re saying in those respects, but I don’t think their views in those areas are entirely unreasonable, either. At least they have an underlying ideology that they adhere to. The Republican party, by contrast, is merely an amalgam of often contradictory topical stances.

  3. Its always pleasing to be able to blame someone, or some group of people. For my part, I’m blaming the 1%…

  4. “I really wish libertarians’ ideology stopped at economics and personal rights, because it seems every other thing they say is totally loony.”

    Their economics stuff is equally loony, and their “personal rights” stuff is usually just a smokescreen for tax evasion etc.

  5. Horatio Algeranon

    “Immaculate Misconception”
    — by Horatio Algeranon

    Immaculate Misconception
    Relieves men of connection
    To violence and war
    Cuz women run the store

    (and God knows Jesus was one violent dude)

  6. The Very Reverend Jebediah Hypotenuse

    Continuing on with Molyneux’s logic, it gets even worse…

    Where do evil mothers come from?

    That’s right – their mothers. The even evil-er grandmothers of violent men.

    It’s a multi-generational form of male oppression that will ultimately be shaken off only when men can universally control babies.

    • Horatio Algeranon

      In other words, it’s evil mothers all the way down.

      Love your name by the way.

  7. Hard to see how ‘women marry a-holes’ implies ‘women are to blame’; surely women are the real victims, when that’s the case… Of course it’s pathetically easy to see why this absurd non-sequitur appeals, if you’re a resentful adolescent who hasn’t got a girl-friend.

  8. Aaron Lewis

    Truth is that every person in the community is responsible for helping raise children, And, not just fathers and mothers; every person in the community needs to ensure that children of the community have the wherewithal to continue the community. Otherwise, the civilized community may cease to exist before you are done with it (eg technology declines, crime rises, and etc before you die.)

    Molyneux does not understand the duties of living in a civilized world. In a civilized world, there is no “Us” against “Them”; in a civilized world there is only Us against ignorance, poverty, and AGW.

    Raising children properly is how we avoid spending our last days in a failed community. If you do not like the politicians now running the country, then 30 years ago, your community was not taking responsibility for properly raising its children (to produce good politicians). And, the children being raised now will be running things in 30 years. Make sure they are ready.

    [Response: This boy is Ignorance. This girl is Want. Beware them both, and all of their degree, but most of all beware this boy …]

  9. You know, I’m always a little amazed when guys try to argue that the reason they don’t have a girlfriend is because women only date spewing sphincters. It’s like they are saying, “Yeah, I’m a loser, but it’s not my fault.” I’ve noticed the same guys also tend to say they don’t understand what “enthusiastic consent” is–itmakes me tend to think that their only sexual experience has come as a result of pity f**ks.

    Along the same lines, I saw a commercial for some BMW yuppie mobile last week on a plane’s entertainment. Their catch phrase is, “Are you in?” It made me want to say, “Yeah, I bet they hear that a lot!”

    • insisting you deserve a date because you’re “a nice guy” is like insisting you deserve a job because “i don’t turn up late and drunk just to steal from the stationery cupboard”. it’s a necessary but not sufficient condition.

    • That’s how Elliot Rodger felt about his failure with “blonde sorority sluts” and used that as a rationale for multiple murder.

  10. Horatio Algeranon

    More disgusting (by far) are the five men on the US Supreme Court who, in the Hobby Lobby decision just voted to effectively restrict the access to contraception for millions of women.

    • Horatio Algeranon

      What makes it more disgusting by far is that these men on the Supreme Court have so much power over millions of women …and they know it.

      Molyneux is a nobody.

  11. It’s the editors responsibility to terminate crap like this with extreme prejudice.

  12. Quoting a percentage and an age, makes the statement sound like science, not something he just made up. Did Molyneux give citations? No, it really sounds like something he made up and embellished with numbers to add credibility for his audience.

  13. @magma-

    I think of adolescence as a state of mind…

  14. Susan Anderson

    It’s surprising how many men really don’t like (or fear) women. Sad. Explains the monastic church though.

  15. John Mashey

    To bring this back to global warming,
    (1) In the Yale/GMU SIx Americas studies, the DIsmissive category is heavily male. (see p.139: ^3% male, 37% female). In various studies, as of petition signers, blog commenters, spokespeople, i’ve usually found 90-95% male.

    2) In gathering SalbyStorm text I found a Delingpole article in The Spectator, not something I Normally peruse, If sorted by Oldest, among the first few comments were as follows, and they may give some insight:

    ‘ rtj1211 • 11 months ago
    Actually, I think feminism right now is more pernicious than climate science.
    The reason for that??
    There is no website anywhere in the world where a community of downtrodden men courageously examine all the nonsense of the wimmin and, a la WUWT with climatology, dissect clinically the truth from the lies, the misdirections and the distortions.’

    ‘ Fergus Pickering rtj1211 • 11 months ago
    Oh come on. Downtrodden men. Where are we downtrodden? There are men who are afraid of their wives, but that can be found in the pages of Dickens.’

    ‘ Tim Reed rtj1211 • 11 months ago
    “There is no website anywhere in the world”
    There is, minus the downtrodden part…
    This post addresses both issues together – feminism & climate change..., archived here.

  16. Unfortunately, there are a lot of utterly pathetic men out there. I am reminded of an encounter that I had at a mineral swap (yes, even my hobbies are nerdy) in North Carolina. The guy I was talking to was decrying the state of the country (this was under Clinton) and said, “There’s just no place in America for the white man anymore.” I wanted to respond, “Wow! We have nothing to talk about.” However, on reflection, consider the guy’s experience. He had a limited education and about 3 teeth in his head. He’d seen the country move from an industrial economy where his back could earn him a living to an information economy where his lack of education guaranteed he would not be in demand. He’d watched the privileged status that even he enjoyed as a lower-class white male evaporate. So, he’s right that there is no place in the country anymore for him. He simply makes the mistake of generalizing his experience to all white men and attributing the decline in his status to other racial groups. Likewise, a lot of men attribute their failures to women. Maybe it is easier to rationalize the failures if you can attribute them to a group you view as “other”. Maybe it also helps if you can flail at representatives of that group, rather than accepting the truth–that your loss of status is due to other men–most of them white–whom you could never touch and would never even see, except perhaps as a dim silhouette through the tinted glass in the back of a limo.
    Yes, some white men are victims–but not of women or of minorities. Rather they are victims of the same sociopathic captains of industry who continue to predate on anyone whose status they perceive as below theirs.

  17. Because, you know, men beating up their wives and children couldn’t POSSIBLY have anything to do with children turning into violent adults.

  18. Another gem for your “Holy shit, did he actually say that?” file. If you thought Will was an asshole and Molyneaux was disgusting, pretty sure you’ll actually need a barfbag for this one:
    Brought to you by the conservative electorate of Moncton-Riverview, New Brunswick, Canada.