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Fire Down Below

Australian prime minister Tony Abbot got elected saying, among other things, that global warming science was a bunch of crap.

Now he says that “Climate change is real, as I’ve often said, and we should take strong action against it…” Why the amazing massive ginormous flip-flop? Because Abbot is feeling the heat. So are a lot of Australians as they suffer through tremendous bushfires devastating huge areas of New South Wales. Australia has always been prone to fire, but the scale of this event is astounding. So too is the timing — it isn’t even summer yet down under. But it’s absolutely clear that “fire season” has been getting longer in Oz, starting earlier and ending later. And the reason for this very early outbreak: an extra-hot and extra-dry winter, exacerbated by — you guessed it — man-made climate change. Global warming.

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The ICP report

Many of you are probably aware of a “report” which is intended to contradict the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) report. Its authors call it the “NIPCC” report for “Non-governmental International Panel on Climate Change.” It’s supposed to represent the very best that so-called “skeptics” have to offer.

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League of Denial

We all know that the denial campaign against global warming science has many parallels to the denial campaign against the health risks of tobacco.

I was a bit surprised to learn, however, that it is also similar to the denial campaign to hide the risk of brain injury by the National Football League:

Bob Tisdale pisses on leg, claims it’s raining

Global warming deniers really hate the fact that a proper comparison of computer model projections to observations does not show that “models fail.” But they love faulty comparisons.

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