It is real.
global warming,
And it’s caused by man
atmospheric carbon dioxide

In honor of “pi day” (3/14) my wife conceived the idea of a “pi-ku” poem, in which the number of syllables in each line is the digits of pi.


33 responses to “Pi-ku

  1. Andrew Brown

    Well done!
    Poems are beyond me.

  2. Clever!

  3. False “sceptic”!
    Fear, uncertain, doubt!
    The web of deceit
    Anthony Watts, he disseminates

  4. Please, keep going. You must finish it! ;-)

  5. Horatio Algeranon

    It is dumb
    And it’s caused by Watts
    Blogospheric carbon monoxide
    Stops and never relents
    But quite unlike Pi
    It repeats

  6. Twenty two
    seven is close,
    three fifty five o’er
    one hundred thirteen is much better

  7. Three points, one for one fine pine tree ring, ahh shoot.

    • I’m sure if I were SERIESous enough, I could TAYLOR my prose closer to pi, but even I have LIMITS. One might question the point of clearly DERIVATIVE jokes, though.

  8. Indiana
    Pi bill

  9. skeptictmac57

    Kudos to your wife for such a brilliant idea. This is a keeper.
    Also fantastic Pi-Ku entries all around. Really creative people here.

  10. Bible pi

  11. Horatio Algeranon


    Sea ice recovers
    Up in the arctic ocean
    It’s stabilizing

  12. Good stuff. I did laugh at Horatio and “Bible pi”

  13. Climate change?
    it’s happening.
    A global warming.
    Human emissions are causing it.
    These are
    CO2 emissions,
    and methane as well.
    This must stop,
    or at least slow down,
    else consequences will follow –
    undesirable consequences:
    heatwaves, floods, sea level rise.
    Some would have you believe otherwise.
    Their tactics?
    and of course cherry-picking facts,
    are often used.
    Hence many have been fooled
    by this
    through no fault of their own.
    Who do you trust?
    the fossil fuels industry?
    It’s science,
    for me –
    that’s wherein I put my trust.
    The evidence is overwhelming,
    believe it or not.

  14. Arctic loses ice
    We lose crops
    Oceans get warm
    We get wet
    Kochs gets rich
    Somalia starves

  15. Oops. A typo on top. It should read Kochs get rich.

  16. C-O-2
    I will tell you,
    Carbon Dioxide
    No, not nitrogen, not oxygen
    takes light
    the thermal light that is,
    and gobbles it up
    takes a bite
    reduce the outflow
    What to do, except heat Earth up?
    But wait, there is even more to tell
    Feedbacks enter the picture
    On the Earth, oceans evaporate
    And then what?
    Just wait,
    Here we go,
    Then even more greenhouse effect
    come to get you,
    There are no fake skeptics
    no no,
    that will change the physics
    Look at Venus,
    ninety bars
    of C-O-2
    hot enough to melt denial
    Yes it is,
    no doubt
    the greenhouse effect is here
    and the planet will keep heating up
    unless we act now

  17. Climate blogs
    It’s personal
    Identities thrive
    The tribes gather under truth banners
    The playthings of wizards
    Are either assessed
    Or molded
    To glean or to fit
    True arbiters know the difference

  18. Horatio Algeranon

    Bye goodbye

  19. Disinter
    the sky
    will become a caul

    W.C. Fields, a Pennsylvanian,
    liked to
    warm himself, his back pressed
    against sun-warmed brick
    his tombstone reads I’d
    rather be in Philadelphia.


    Note: I don’t know how you pronounce it, but I say: Penn-sill-VAIN-yan. NOT Penn-sill-VAIN-ee-an.

    • Shakespeare would have no problem with either. Poets have license. :-)

      • Horatio Algeranon

        “Poetic License”
        — by Horatio Algeranon

        Poets have license
        For obvious nonsense
        That never expires
        And never retires

        It’s unending season
        On rhyming and reason
        That no one admires
        Or even desires

      • He’d ever alter words to fit the beat
        Whene’er required to make the meter sweet,
        And banished the suffix of past tense
        When banished suffix gave the rhythm sense.
        The friend of Hamlet, as you may well know,
        Was called Horatio, then Horatio.
        If words thus different spake breaks reasons bounds,
        Horatio has none for he different sounds!

  20. Jeffrey Davis,

    “I don’t know how you pronounce it, but I say: Penn-sill-VAIN-yan. NOT Penn-sill-VAIN-ee-an.”

    You can find the pronunciation here http://www.howjsay.com/index.php?word=pennsylvanian&submit=Submit

    The word is in pink font.

  21. butterflies
    bees and mayflies
    their flight in april
    ‘that is normal’, you maybe saying
    but this
    ain’t tropic of cancer
    but arctic circle

  22. And now for something completely different and off topic:

    Recently, the rather silly idea that a physical effect must be of 5 sigma or greater significance came up–again a misunderstanding based on the common practices in experimental particle physics.

    I pointed out that the 5 sigma threshold is a compensation for the methodology of particle physics bump hunting–where researchers make many, many plots of mass reconstructions under various physically motivated criteria (cuts) designed to reduce background and bring out the signal. Even in my grad school days when I was doing it, this seemed a rather arbitrary compensation. However, I am not sure what the correct way would be.

    Any thoughts?

  23. Anybody want to try e-ku, based on the digits in the base of napierian logarithms–seems to me that the repetition in digits (up to the 1st 10) might lead to some interesting structures:

  24. You can also use the number of letters in each word.

    Now I have a noble objective:
    * my fossil fuels use – limit
    * increase awareness
    * correct falsities

  25. In 1963 Jacques Bens of the literary group OuLiPo had a similar inspiration: the “sonnet irrationnel”, arranged in strophes of 3, 1, 4, 1, 5 lines each, with a rather complicated rhyme scheme. http://www.oulipo.net/contraintes/document19532.html
    I’m not sure that there are any instances other than the one on the page just cited. In that respect the pi-ku has already surpassed its predecessor.

  26. And tonight in Phoenix at midnight
    the birds are having a conference
    unheard except once before
    are they packing up
    north, young man
    go north

  27. The rate
    at which the exponential
    is the same as function value
    that’s e.