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He knows not what he’s doing


Truly, he doesn’t know. He hasn’t got a clue. As usual, he doesn’t even suspect that he doesn’t have a clue. When he finds out about it — which he probably will, because one of you will comment about it at WUWT and the comment will be deleted (they can’t allow pesky truth to appear at WUWT!) but he’ll still find out — he probably won’t believe it.

Bob Tisdale has another post at WUWT which is actually titled “Warming Rate in the US Slowed during the Recent Warming Period.” Apparently he believes this — because he knows not what he’s doing.

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Impeach Craig Kelly

That’s my advice to Australians, after reading his guest post at WUWT. Deprive him of the right to serve as a member of parliament.

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From Skeptical Science:

Deep Heat … Shallow Thinking

Back in mid-2011, Chip Knappenberger treated us to his brand of shallow thinking about temperature data for the U.S.A. We discussed it soon after. In spite of the fact that 2011 wasn’t even over yet, Knappenberger said this:

… 2011 will mark the continued return of U.S. national temperatures to conditions much closer to the 20th century mean, down from the unusually elevated temperatures that characterized the 1998–2010 period.

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