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Spreading like Wildfire

Twice we’ve examined the fakery from George Will about the danger of wildfire in the U.S. and its relation to global warming. It’s hard to imagine being more ignorant about this issue than George Will. Or, is he simply willing to mislead people deliberately, to expose our nation and our people to extreme danger, just to push a political agenda? Or … both?

This much is certain: George Will is completely wrong about wildfire risk in the U.S. But he is oh so right about propaganda! To create doubt about the scientific truth of increased wildfire risk, all you need to do is say whatever you want. No matter how wrong, it will be repeated by those who push your same political agenda. Doubt is their product.

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Just say NO to Keystone XL Pipeline

From Natural Resources Defense Council.

Willful Ignorance

In the last post we saw how ignorant George Will is about global warming and its consequences — yet nonetheless Will is willing to spew his ignorance in order to influence public policy.

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Where there’s a Will … theres a way to distort the truth

And George Will will.

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Extreme Weather: When Worlds Collide

Real data — temperature, for instance — are almost always the combination of signal and noise, which we could also refer to as trend and fluctuation. Fluctuations are ubiquitous, they happen all the time. Sometimes they go up, sometimes down, sometimes a little and sometimes a lot, but the one thing they don’t do is stop.
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Hot down under, and up over

Australia started this new year with the worst heat wave they have ever experienced. It is notable not just for its high temperatures, but for its extent — both geographic and temporal. This heat wave affected nearly the entire country, pushing the continent-wide temperature record to a new high of 40.33°C (104.6°F) — and that’s the average for the entire nation. It has also endured longer than previous extremes. As scientists from Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) have stated publicly

It is not that common for the Australian-average temperature to exceed 39°C for even two days in a row. A run of three days above 39°C has occurred on only three occasions, and a run of four days just once, in 1972.

The current heat wave has seen a sequence of Australian temperatures above 39°C of seven days, and above 38°C of 11 days straight.

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Obama throws down

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He knows not what he’s doing


Truly, he doesn’t know. He hasn’t got a clue. As usual, he doesn’t even suspect that he doesn’t have a clue. When he finds out about it — which he probably will, because one of you will comment about it at WUWT and the comment will be deleted (they can’t allow pesky truth to appear at WUWT!) but he’ll still find out — he probably won’t believe it.

Bob Tisdale has another post at WUWT which is actually titled “Warming Rate in the US Slowed during the Recent Warming Period.” Apparently he believes this — because he knows not what he’s doing.

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Impeach Craig Kelly

That’s my advice to Australians, after reading his guest post at WUWT. Deprive him of the right to serve as a member of parliament.

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From Skeptical Science: