Tell it like it is

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  1. Off topic – I’m having difficulty trying to make a donation. I remember other posters making similar comments sometime earlier. After trying to make the donation through PayPal, I get the message “The seller will only ship to confirmed addresses. To complete this transaction, you will need to enter your information again.” When I try to make a donation without PayPal, I wind up getting redirected to the PayPal login page anyway. Any ideas on how to proceed?

  2. An excellent expostion by Sen. Whitehouse. It is a sad reflection on our culture that of the 535 supposed elite representatives of a nation of 315 million (0.00017%) that this is the exception rather than the rule.

    Also, kudos to Skeptical Science for the famous graphics illustrating the dishonesty of one of the most popular denialist talking points. I’ve seen this pop up a few times now in the more main stream media outlets.

    The “debt left to our children and grandchildren” hypocrisy from the GOP has been a point I’ve been making in meatspace arguments with right wingers for a few years now, but Whitehouse drove the point home better than I’ve been able to.

  3. Great to see SKS’s graphic being used where it could help. For me it has taken over from the hockey stick as the killer graphic.

  4. what a brilliant and effective speech. he pretty much destroyed the ‘theres been no warming for the last decade’ argument. bravo. but is anyone else listening?