Cover of the Year

Climate Progess has the story. It’s well worth reading.


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  1. No ifs, no buts, no caveats….any questions?

  2. Thanks again, Tamino. I’ve stolen adopted the Bloomberg cover for my daily update of “Sandy: Once In A Generation?” The US death toll now stands at 92 (161 for the hemisphere), and there’s still something like 3 million without power.

    My favorite reaction so far is from Governor Cuomo:

    I’m hopeful that not only will we rebuild this city and metropolitan area but use this as an opportunity to build it back smarter. There have been a series of extreme weather events. That is not a political statement; that is a factual statement,” Cuomo told the reporters. “Anyone who says there is not a change in weather patterns is denying reality. We have a new reality when it comes to these weather patterns; we have an old infrastructure, we have old systems. That is not a good combination and that is one of the lessons I will take from this, personally.

    [Response: Don’t credit me — I got it from Joe Romm at ClimatProgress.]

  3. Now if Bloomberg could, I wish he’d educate the writers giving financial advice in his magazine — like this one who combines sobering warnings (financiers are putting junk-risky fracking-related businesses into bundles of formerly consistently reliable bonds and fooling investors — the toxic waste strategy used with housing) with a long paean to cheap energy, no peak petroleum, and how we’ll always find more cheap fossil fuel:

  4. Hi Tamino
    Bravo for keeping the heat on with this. This is surely an ‘inconvenient truth’ for all the skeptics and hopefully will now make an impact on the undecided. I’ve been posting over at WUWT the last few days on this (and attracting the usual nonsense in return) but I’m betting that the less diehard skeptics are begining to look for a way out without losing face.

    I posted how ironic it would be if Sandy lost a climate skeptic party the election.

  5. Susan Anderson

    Chris Hayes on Up (MSNBC Sat/Sun 8-10, his program is terrific) this morning hosted and parsed a statement that Sandy is climate’s 9/11. I think that’s a good metaphor.

  6. Anthony Watts is *LOSING HIS F**KING MIND* over this…and I gotta say…I kinda *like* it…;)

    • Indeed.

      It’s amusing to note that he also didn’t fail to fulfill a number of people’s predictions:

      Sea Ice News Volume 3 #15 – Arctic sea ice doubles in October
      Posted on November 6, 2012 by Anthony Watts

      In Sea Ice News #14, we noted that the Arctic refreeze was the fastest ever. According to NSIDC, Arctic sea ice extent doubled in October.

      Has anyone pointed out to the deluded twat that when ice finally melts completely in summer, there will be by his definition an infinitely increasing refreeze the following winter? This won’t however ‘prove’ global cooling…

      • Wowwwww..I’m in AWE! Wattsy successfully predicted thatt water would again *freeze*, with the onset of…..*WINTER* I might as wellm just ~toss~ my geology degree; *I* din’t predict that, much less that it would double…..:)

      • Horatio Algeranon

        As the ice-free arctic summer approaches, the “WUWT Refreeze” approaches a Denier delta function, which goes to infinity as the polar ice radius goes to zero such that the total are under the curve (representing probability of sea ice recovery) remains “1”.

        The Denier delta function has value inifinity at WUWT and zero everywhere else.

        Any other technical questions?

      • Of course, you can’t claim that Watts’ action indicates a successful prediction without telling us who made the prediction…
        …and the most obvious one has to be good ol’ Dr. Inferno over at DenialDepot last June:
        Double Recovery of Arctic Sea Ice

        Notice Dr. Inferno’s mention of “Watt’s Law” early in the post.