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Climate Fail: California Governor’s Office

The California governor’s office has a web page about climate science. It leaves a lot to be desired — to say the least. Among other things, there’s one glaring problem which has done the near-impossible — made me agree with Anthony Watts.

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Jim Crow. Republican (PA)

I do not believe that the average republican voter is evil, or inherently unfair, or wants to destroy democracy. Unfortunately, elected republican politicians do not share the virtues of the rank-and-file — because they’re working very hard to deprive Americans of democracy.

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Hansen et al. 2012

A recent paper in PNAS by Hansen et al. (there’s also a recently released discussion paper on the topic) has caused quite a stir. The essential result is that extreme heat (beyond the 2-sigma and even 3-sigma level) has become so much more commonplace, that the only plausible explanation is global warming.

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(Cryosp)here today, gone tomorrow

There’s a new kid in town, blog-wise, showing maps of Arctic sea ice concentration and thickness, called apocalypse4real (seems to be an appropriate name). It shows that all the ice thicker than 6m is gone from the Arctic (click the graph for a larger, clearer view):

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Sea Ice Poll

Many of you are already aware that the WUWT blog regularly conducts a poll to predict the minimum sea ice extent we’ll see later this year, and their poll result is submitted as a prediction to ARCUS. What a great idea! Not only does it gauge the opinion of the WUWT readers about a very precise quantity, it’s also fun.

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Several people have mentioned (I think the first I heard of it was from the Rabett) that at the moment, Arctic sea ice is exceptionally fragmented. It has even been suggested that we should expect a precipitous decline over the next week or so, by some accounts because of a possible imminent storm. I don’t know whether or not such prognostications are true, but I am motivated to look at the relationship between the two most common measures of sea ice, its area and its extent.

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The Small Picture

Over at WUWT there’s a new installment of Sea Ice News. The comments section includes this:

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Arctic Sea Ice

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Much Ado about Nothing

A couple of recent events have caused some stir in the climate denial blogosphere.

I’m underwhelmed.

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