Monthly Archives: August 2012

Sea Ice Triple Play

PIOMAS has released updated sea ice volume estimates a little earlier than usual. We have now broken the record for lowest sea ice volume, making a “triple play” of record-breaking volume, extent, and area.

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Sea Ice: Climate vs Weather

In their desperation to deny the impact of global warming on Arctic sea ice, fake skeptics like Anthony Watts, Marc Morano, and Steve Goddard have gone out of their way to blame this year’s crash dive on the weather. In particular, they want to blame it all on the Arctic storm in August.

Apparently they don’t get the difference between weather and climate. Let’s help them out, shall we?

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Ice Over

We’re witnessing a remarkable decline in Arctic sea ice. The annual minimum is taking a nosedive:

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Arctic Sea Ice Death Spiral

With two weeks or so still to go before the annual minimum is reached, the record for lowest extent of Arctic sea ice has already been obliterated by a huge margin. The only question at this point is how much the ice cover will shrink. Frantic denial of reality by Anthony Watts, Marc Morano, and others has only made it obvious how ridiculous they are — they refuse to face the truth of this astounding consequence of global warming. You can smell their desperation.

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Anthony Watts Breaks the Record

After a week of quite funny jokes, Anthony Watts has shown his real talent. In my opinion, what he’s best at is proving what an utter fake he is as a “skeptic.”

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WUWT Follies

Anthony Watts’ blog has rolled out the comedy this week.

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Two (or more) down …

As a couple of readers have already mentioned, sea ice extent according to IARC/JAXA has reached a new record low value. Sea ice extent according to NSIDC is “knockin’ on the door.”

The mean date of daily minimum extent in the IARC/JAXA data is Sep. 15.5, the earliest is Sep. 9 and the latest Sep. 24. So we can expect *about* 3 more weeks before the actual minimum is reached.

And we’ve already broken the record minimum for sea ice area. It’s looking more and more like this year will break the records for sea ice area, extent, and volume. For more information (including more broken records of specific data sets), see Neven’s excellent sea ice blog.