Daily Archives: July 14, 2012

Question Mark ?

Anthony Watts has a post titled “Coldest July in history for Anchorage?” This happened less than a day after I said this:

One of Anthony Watts’ favorite comments is along the lines of “coldest March in 40 years!!!” He rarely (if ever) says “coldest March ever.”

Is this my come-uppance?

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The subject came up — yet again — whether or not there is a “pause” in global warming recently. Specifically:

Re looking at global warming over the last 15 years. I know it breaks all the “statistical” rules, but just simply eyeballing the graph of (annual average) temperatures shows a distinct change in the trend of global temperatures after 1998. In order to avoid a charge of “cherry picking” I could have said 10 years since 2002 – but to me the break in the trend is pretty clear.

We’ve often dealt with this subject, but since it’s so common, and seems to come from real skeptics as well as fake ones, we’ll address it once again. In depth.

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