Daily Archives: October 14, 2011

Truth or Consequences

Paul Hudson has written a blog piece for the BBC in which he claims

For as long as I have been a meteorologist, the mere suggestion that solar activity could influence climate patterns has been greeted with near derision.

This claim is just plain false. Absolutely, positively, totally, utterly false.

It’s also ironic, since his article is supposed to be about new research on the influence of the sun on climate, from the U.K. Met office no less! But Paul Hudson uses it as an excuse to push an agenda using falsehoods. Does Paul Hudson really not know how false he is? Did he not bother to check his “facts”?

Perhaps one of the reasons that the fake skeptics are so persuasive to so may people is that they can get away with saying anything at all, no matter whether it has even the tiniest grain of truth in it, and they don’t have to suffer the consequences.

Unfortunately, they contribute to delaying action on global warming, so the rest of us do have to suffer the conseqeuences.