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Temperature Prediction: the next few months

Let’s have a little fun, and predict the global average temperature (land+ocean) for the next few months. We’ll base the prediction on GISS data, so this will be a prediction for the upcoming temperature according to GISS.

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Learning from Bastardi’s Mistakes

For the sake of those with the guts to face hard science, who are willing to invest enough actual thought to learn something more complicated than soundbites and platitudes, we’ll address some of the mistakes in Joe Bastardi’s comment. There are too many to address them all in one blog post. So let’s start small, with just the first paragraph:

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Can Bastardi Learn?

Joe Bastardi was so kind as to grace us with a comment on a recent post. I congratulate him on an impressive achievement that few others could surpass: it would be difficult to squeeze more fallacies into a single comment even if you tried. Bastardi’s lack of comprehension shows such breadth and depth that it’s reminiscent of an elementary-school book report — from someone who didn’t read the book.

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Best Crock yet?

Settled Science

Fake skeptics retch at the phrase “settled science.” Well they should. They’re wretched.

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Bag of Hammers II

When it comes to global warming, Murry Salby is the darling du jour of fake skeptics everywhere. His thesis was touted on WUWT, lauded by JoNova, and even earned a “wow” from Judith Curry. And what is his thesis? That it’s temperature increase which is causing CO2 increase, not the other way around. An mp3 of his presentation is here.

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Cumulative Sums

Robert Grumbine has a post in which he takes an unusual look at global temperature data. I’m afraid I must take exception to his methodology.

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Ice Forecast Update Update

One of the blessings of NSIDC sea ice data is that they update their monthly averages promptly.

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