Monthly Archives: January 2011

How to Hide the Decline (from yourself)

After exposing Christopher Monckton’s mendacity regarding global sea ice, a certain blogger called “Albertosaurus” decided to disagree. He’s entitled to his own opinion. But he’s not entitled to his own facts.

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Monckton Skewers Truth

Christopher Monckton took such exception to an article in The Australian by Michael Steketee, that he has produced a response for the ultraconservative “think tank” SPPI. Monckton reports at WUWT, with his typical level of humility, that he has “skewered” Steketee.

Monckton only skewers two things: himself, and the truth.

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Sharper Focus

The two major satellite-based estimates of lower-troposphere temperature, from RSS and UAH, have published their December values to complete the year 2010. In both cases the annual average for 2010 ended up a close 2nd to 1998. Some eagerly anticipate the imminent GISS value for surface temperature for December, to complete 2010, as many expect the GISS annual average for 2010 to set a new record high. But we don’t need December’s value from GISS to continue our comparison between different temperature data sets.

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Hottest Year

It’s near certain that in the GISS global temperature data set, 2010 will end up the hottest year on record. In fact some of those who deny the reality of global warming have already begun to “spin” the event, downplaying its significance by suggesting that observing the “hottest year” is no big deal. This, from the same people who believe in the mythical “levelling off” or “cooling” of temperatures over the last decade or so.

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