Daily Archives: October 13, 2010

The great conspiracy to destroy freedom, sabotage the USA, increase taxes, undermine the economy, institute world government based on socialism with Al Gore as dictator, and of course … drive us all back to the stone age

It’s all a conspiracy of lies, deceit, greed for money and power, and hatred of all the USA stands for. It’s nothing but an attempt to destroy our freedom!

Because if fossil-fuel industry profits aren’t safe, then we aren’t safe.

And one of the most important conspirators is NASA. Specifically, the evildoers at GISS: the Goddard Institute for Space Studies. The folks at GISS have been fudging the numbers, and I’ve uncovered their dirty little secret. They apply “adjustments” to the raw data (which they get from a number of sources, but mainly the Global Historical Climate Network) which they’ve cleverly manipulated to make the global temperature trend — if there even is such a thing! — seem different than what the plain old data say.

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