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Goddard’s Folly


As many of you are already aware, Steve Goddard contributed a post to WUWT about the planet Venus. The theme was that the extreme temperatures on our neighbor planet aren’t due to the greenhouse effect, but due to the extremely high pressure of the Venusian atmosphere. He followed it up with another post in order to add “a few ideas which should make the concepts clear to almost everybody.”

I’ll leave that to others to dissect Goddard’s arguments. But I couldn’t resist the temptation to highlight a statement Goddard makes early in his 2nd post:

If there were no Sun (or other external energy source) atmospheric temperature would approach absolute zero. As a result there would be almost no atmospheric pressure on any planet -> PV = nRT.

Yes, folks, this is how well Goddard understands atmospheric behavior. His posts say a lot about the level of scientific understanding of Watts and his contributors.