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Global Warming, Climate Change

It seems to me that Roger Pielke Jr. is now persona non grata at Nate Silver’s 538 blog. Silver, whose statistics-based predictions of the last presidential election were stunningly accurate, hoped to capitalize on his celebrity by starting a blog which would present interesting and sometimes important posts which were based on competent analysis of actual data. What a concept! Unfortunately for Silver (in my opinion), he failed miserably when choosing Pielke as his point-man for the global warming/climate change issue. Many of us noted the kerfuffle which followed Pielke’s first foray, with Silver himself admitting publicly that it wasn’t up to the standard he hoped to set.

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Jason Box interviewed by Mill Maher

Glaciologist Jason Box was recently a guest on Bill Maher’s show. Worth watching.

Time and Tide

A new paper (Foster and Brown 2014, Time and Tide: Analysis of Sea Level Time Series, Climate Dynamics, doi:10.1007/s00382-014-2224-3) looks at how some authors have analyzed sea level data, and how they’ve gone wrong.

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Skinner for Congress (MI-11)

Running for Congress — for the right reason

At last. There’s a candidate for congress from Michigan’s 11th district who is seeking office on a platform to do something about climate change

We talk about solutions. We complain about the government’s inaction — especially congress. Here’s our chance to help. I don’t care whether you live in Maine or California, Alaska or Hawaii. You can contribute.

The campaign is asking for donations of $11 for the 11th district for one candidate. Please contribute. Give more if you can afford it.

Go here and make a contribution.


The purpose of this post is to stimulate more discussion about this post, and other aspects of a successful solution. I’ll contribute a few comments of my own, but I don’t have real expertise in this issue.

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Men’s Wrongs

I am disgusted, because I just read this.

Here’s a brief excerpt:

Stefan Molyneux, a Canadian radio host, blamed mothers for the violent behavior of men.

Molyneux said that because 90% of a child’s brain is formed by the experiences it has before the age of 5, and women have “an almost universal control over childhood,” violence exists in the world because of the way women treat children.

Gold from the sky

A new video from the Yale Climate Forum delivers the best news on the climate change front that I’ve seen in a long time. Maybe ever.


Who Founded Greenpeace? Not Patrick Moore.

In what seems to me to be an indisputable refutation of an oft-repeated claim, ScienceBlogs has shown that any claim by Patrick Moore that he founded GreenPeace, or was a co-founder, is false.

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Male College Students: if you sexually assault a female student you might be expelled. AFTER graduation

An interesting segment on the Daily Show. Watch the whole thing. Especially the end.

Man: “Let’s be real, let’s be real here Jessica, you’re telling me that women just spend their whole day navigating an obstacle course of sexual menace?”

Woman: “Yeah. Pretty much.”

Man: “Seriously.”

Woman: “Seriously.”

Man: “Hah … sorry. But not all men are bad. I mean some are still gentlemen. Thank you very much.”

Woman: “Oh. OK, yeah. Thanks. You know what, I’ll keep that in mind the next time a guy says he wants to lick my back when I’m walking to work at eight in the fucking morning.”


Anthony Watts and the Bottom of the Barrel

Not long ago Wormtail Anthony Watts published this post from — who else? — Lord Voldemort Monckton, causing Watts to claim that the premier graph shown as part of Mike Mann’s recent article in Scientific American is wrong. In particular, Watts claimed that the plotted data didn’t correspond to any known surface temeperature data set. Although he didn’t come right out and say it, I got the impression that Watts believed Mike Mann was perpetrating a fraud. Imagine that.

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